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Account Status:

  • If you have taken Defensive Driving or Safe Environment training in the past, you already have an account.
  • Your Arch/Diocese may have also created an account for you as part of a historical data upload. If you areunsure, please contact your Arch/Diocese directly.
  • If you DO have an account you will click ‘Sign-In’ and enter your previous username and password.
  • If you don’t remember your username or password, click ‘Forgot Password’ to have the information emailed toyou directly. This will ONLY send a message if your email address is correct in the system.
  • You do not need to set up a new account each time by filling in the white boxes. The information boxes are fornew account creation only.
  • To ensure email delivery, add to your address book, contacts, or safe sender list.
  • If you get a message that your username is taken you may already have an account – you do NOT need to create anew one. Contact your Arch/Diocese or  Click Here  for your username and/or to reset your password.

Account Set-Up:

  • If you are having difficulties setting up a new account, please Click Here  for assistance and include:
  • Your Arch/Diocese and parish or school
  • Your phone number and availability for a call-back
  • A description of where you are having difficulties

Technical Issues:

  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please  Click Here  and include:
  • Your Arch/Diocese and parish or school
  • A description of the difficulty you are having
  • The steps you have tried or the process that led up to the issue
  • Any screen prints that can help us determine the solution

Technical difficulties may include:

  • A tab on the dashboard does not open when clicking on it
  • An error code or error page is showing up
  • Start curriculum tab does not open

Trouble-Shooting Tips:

  • Video will not play
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Make sure your speakers are connected and turned on.
  • Ensure your browser is updated.
  • Curriculum still says ‘In Progress’
  • You may still need to complete a portion of your curriculum – click to re-enter the curriculum.
  • If your Arch/Diocese hosts Live Training Events your curriculum will not be complete until you attendthe class you pre-registered for, and the facilitator has verified your attendance in the system.

System Recommendations:

  • Google Chrome Version 46 or higher
  • Apple Safari Version 9 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge Version 33 or higher
  • Internet Explorer Version 10 and higher
  • iOS Safari Version 9 or higher

Paying for your background check:

  • The company name that shows up on your credit card statement will be: Fuzati CMG Connect.
  • You will receive a receipt for the payment within 24 hours (often sooner) for the payment.
  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties completing a training or a background check, please  Click Here
  • If you are experiencing background check PAYMENT isses, please  Click Here  and include:
  • Your First and Last name
  • Your account username
  • Your Arch/Diocese and parish or school
  • A description of the difficulty you are having
  • Any screen prints that can help us determine the solution

Change log

2:30PM Central Time - RESOLVED "Private Video" Issue

Users who accessed the platform between 10/1-10/3 encountered an error message indicating that the video settings for all trainings were "Private" on CMG Connect, preventing them from progressing. ...