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Diocese Of Little Rock

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The Diocese of Little Rock training hub

This new system will help walk you through training requirements for your organization.

If you have done training in the past and set up an account, you will use that same username and password.  Please click the ‘Sign In’ tab in the top right corner of this screen. 

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Bienvenido a CMG Connect

 El centro de capacitación de la Diócesis de Little Rock

 Este nuevo sistema le ayudará a guiarlo a través de los requisitos de capacitación de su organización.


Si usted ya tomó la capacitación y tiene una cuenta, entonces utilizará ese mismo nombre de usuario y contraseña.  Por favor oprima el botón “Sign In” en la esquina superior derecha de esta pantalla.

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Please select the parish or school you are primarily associated with.


Select the general role you hold in the diocese:

Priests/Deacons - Includes religious order or diocesan priests in active or supply ministry in a diocese/eparch (including retired clerics who continue to celebrate the sacraments occasionally.

Candidates for Ordination - Includes all seminarians, candidates for the permanent diaconate, and those officially accepted into the diaconate formation program.

Educators - includes paid teachers, principals, and administrators in diocesan/eparchial and parish schools.

Employees - refers to paid persons (other than Priests/Deacons or educators) who are employed by and work directly for the diocese/eparchy or parish/school such as central office/ chancery/pastoral center personnel, youth ministers who are paid, parish ministers, school support staff, and rectory personnel.

Volunteers - refers to unpaid personnel who assist the diocese/eparchy (including parishes and schools) such as catechists, youth ministers, and coaches


Select the description of what you will be doing in your service to the Church.  If you are also a  DRIVER for your location select that along with your other category.

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